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Shoulder Pain Relief

Gary Strahle age 21, a pro surfer after 12 dislocations in 2007 is back competing again in 2008. In the past 4 years Gary has suffered from 12 shoulder dislocations and muscle weakness and fatigue. Gary had to stop all surfing competitive events in April 2007.

“Gene has helped rejuvenate my shoulder and enhanced my surfing performance level pre-surgery. I was surfing up to 8 hours without the joint coming out. Surgery was required because of several tears in the labyrinth ligament. My advanced therapy increased range of motion, flexibility and strength to my shoulder as if I had not ever injured it.”

The shoulder joint is one of the most commonly injured parts of the body, due to the incredible capacity of movement the shoulder can perform; it is also the only body part completely supported by its own musculature.

As a result, muscle balance plays a very important role in the life of a healthy shoulder, and it is necessary to understand the mechanics and function of nerves and circulation, which are often neglected by active people, athletes and occupational requirements which involves repetitive motions with muscle groups in the upper body and especially the shoulders and arms.

That means that the joints ability to move in full rotation is allowed by….” 16 muscles that surround the rotator cup that are connected from the collar bone, ribs, neck, shoulder blade (scapula) and muscles from the arm. In essence these muscle and other soft tissues “create a socket” in which the arm rotates. The rotator cup is NOT a socket like the ball and socket of the hip.