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Neck Relief

Neck Relief – Upper Body Therapy

Neck injuries can develop into life altering side effects. Injuries may effect your health, decrease flexibility and strength and decrease your body’s ability to function at it’s full potential.

Gene’s NMDT can help reduce aches and pains. You will feel like a new person because his therapy rejuvenates effected areas of the body by “Root-Cause” relief.

A severe spinal cord injury often causes loss of feeling and paralysis, the loss of movement and voluntary control over the muscles in the body. Spinal cord damage also causes loss of reflex function below the point of injury interrupting bodily functions such as breathing, bowel control, and bladder control. In the event of a spinal injury prompt medical attention can help to minimize further spinal cord damage. Whiplash injury resulting from a sudden sharp whipping movement of the neck and head as of a person in a vehicle that is struck head-on or from the rear by another vehicle may cause severe side effects.

Scientists Link Long-Lasting Pain
With Reduced Levels of the
Brain’s Gray Matter.

A recent study published in The Journal of Neuroscience has revealed that people who suffer from chronic back pain (CBP) for one year may experience a reduction in the brain’s gray matter equivalent to the amount lost by the average person in 10 to 20 years of normal aging.