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TMJ Relief – Upper Body Therapy

One of the things I frequently see mentioned on my Anxiety/Panic board are questions from people who are experiencing jaw pain. The main concern, of course, is that jaw pain has been one of the warning signs of heart attack and it certainly is a concern.

I recently ran across an interesting article on the relationship between severe jaw pain and stress and it indicated that women appeared to be prominent in the 10 million Americans who suffer from TMJ Syndrome. The symptoms of this pain include muscle jaw tenderness, difficulty opening the mouth, a jaw that locks, and clicking or popping sounds from the jaw when opening and closing the mouth. Some dentists have referred to this problem as TMJ Subluxation and it may run in families.

Why Do NMDT? Therapy reduces pain by increasing blood to nerves that service the head and facial muscles that move the jaw.

The article I saw referred to research out of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where they found that, while TMJ isn’t new, it’s still poorly understood, but one thing stood out. One of the researchers indicated that TMJ is often associated with depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, GI problems and frequent infection. If infection is involved, my immediate thought was that there’s an immune system relationship and we know that stress is a culprit here. Sure enough, the researchers thought this, too, and as they enroll patients into their studies, they are looking at behavioral interventions to help patients become more aware of such things as clenching their teeth or biting on pens or pencils.