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Pain Relief Testimonials

Pain Relief
“Gene helped me recover from injuries so that I could become a fireman.”
“I’m getting great pain relief from a car accident and 25 years of hunching from being a beautician.”
“I worked out 3 times a week with my trainer. Gene helped me increase my range of motion and strength.”

Lasting headache relief. Gene gave relief to a client who had headaches that were extreme enough that it caused temporary blindness. Medical research has concluded that headaches are as a result of lack of enough blood in the head. You will be thrilled with Neuromuscular Therapy. Carpal Tunnel Relief: Gene Helped his Client, Diana so she stopped dropping her baby. Repetitive motion from work, sport, muscle fatigue decrease proper circulation to these areas can cause deep ache, throbbing, tingling, numbness, spasming, shooting pain in the neck, spine , arms and hands.

Gene’s Therapy enhanced the whole Lucero


Pro Athletes

Family’s sports performance. His therapy strengthens and tones muscles so that we have fewer injuries. When we are injured we recover 50% faster.

Gene had a great opportunity to work on pro athletes from 8 teams in their homes from 2002 to 2005. Most of these athletes have moved on to other teams. Here’s a few examples of those I rejuvenated:

1. John ElwayFormerly Broncos

2 . DonniWilliams Chargers

4. Terrel Fletcher Former Charger

5. Josh Norman Chargers

6. Kelvin Garmon

7. Toniu F

e Edwards Former Chargers

3. Jamal

inoti Former Chargers

8. Mike Ricks Former NY Jets

9. Robert Griffith Cardinals

10. Dave Roberts Former Padres

11. John Toledo Miami Dolphins

12. Sean White Gold Medalist

JOHN ELWAY IS ONE OF THE GENE’S MANY SATISFIED NFL CLIENT’S. Gene’s advanced sports massage enhaced John’s performance at the 2007 Stan Humphrey’s Celebrity Golf Tournament. John came in 2nd place behind 4 time tournament winner



Shoulder and upper back pain relief: A pro baseball athelete, Cole, could not move from frozen shoulder Syndrome. Gene’s advanced his performance and strength to play baseball again



Gene’s Therapy totally is the best! I can feel like I’ve been rejuvenated from the “Root Cause.” Gene goes way beyond just treating my symptoms.



Gary Strahle, age 21 a pro sufer is going to be back competing again in 2008. was suffering from over 4 years of shoulder dislocation and muscle fatigue. Gene has helped the healing process and is strengthening the joint again to surf big waves.



Gene helped Brendon Darby get hamstrings strengthened so that he was drafted by the Ravens .He played for SDSU for 4 years and could not continue due to hamstring injuries. He could not run ten feet with out cramping up. Gene’s therapy prepared him for the NFL.



Neuromuscular Massage enhanced Jim Autio’s performance. At age 50 he can swim non stop for 212 laps breaking the Navy Seal’s record. (The pool is Olympic length). Jim was an avid race Hiker climbing 12,000 feet in one day.



Gene’s gets relief fast and treats your Root-Cause for Sciatica rather than just the symptoms. For 10 years a famous tennis coach that traveled the world seeking sciatica relief. He finally got lasting relief when Gene’s therapy corrected a 2 inch difference in his postural imbalance. He is feeling awsome.



Ultimate fighter at age 42? . Gene is helping famous Personal Trainer recover faster from his injuries from his training for Ultimate Fighting Club events. Marcus competes in 6 military obstacle course events yearly and depends on Genes Therapy to keep him in shape.

At age 44 Paul is going to run an Ultra Endurance Marathon of 70 miles sea level to the desert. Gene’s advanced therapy has helped Paul Braun get back into these events from injuries after 20 years of running. Paul also enjoys ice climbing and survival hikes of living oof the land.