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What can I do to have fewer aches and pains?

Better posture


Research Study:  The Nobel Prize Winner in brain research, Roger Sperry Ph. D. found that over 90% of our capacity or energy is spent maintaining the body’s upright struggle pushing up against gravity.

This means that less than 10% of brains energy is a available for thinking and carrying on the millions of metabolic functions including our immune system and the body’s ability to heal itself.

Therefore the poorer our posture meaning the more imbalanced our spine is, resulting in poor posture,  the less energy we have to think and for the major organs and lymph system, etc to function properly.

Gene’s Neuromuscular Therapy works to correct your posture and reprogram the brain to help your body perform at new levels of performance you may not have thought possible.


Eating Healthier Foods

Eating healthier Whole foods

Bionx Health Supplements

BIONX allows you to feel a special level of “balanced wholeness” more than ever imagined.  You will be able to face life’s mental and physical challenges with ease.  For the active person or athlete Bionx is The world’s first and only full-spectrum biological performance amplifier. The power to elevate you to the next level, to do things not humanly possible. One athlete at age 49 out swam the Navy Seals swimming timed record for 84 laps! How? Bionx has 59 ingredients  Here are a few ingredients:

  1. Vitamin A (Natural Beta Carotene); Vitamin C (Ester C); Vitamin D;  These are only 3 vitamins out of 25.
  2. Trace Mineral Complex
  3. Wheat Sprouts
  4. 6 helpings of fruits and vegetables
  5. MSM; Glucosomine; Shark Cartilage;

Exercising and Stretching

Clinical study for 45 male athletes volunteered to participate in a randomized, controlled hamstring injury study. Volunteers were randomized to either control, classic Soft Tissue Massage (STM,) or dynamic Deep Tissue Massage DTM intervention.

Flexibility is considered an essential element of normal biomechanical functioning in sport.1 The literature reports a number of associated benefits of flexibility including improved athletic performance, reduced injury risk, prevention or reduction of post-exercise soreness, and improved coordination.

Techniques commonly used by athletes to increase flexibility include static and ballistic stretching as well as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. it is widely believed amongst athletes, coaches, and therapists that massage is an effective treatment modality for increasing flexibility.

The effect of massage on restoring muscle flexibility has not been extensively researched; however, several studies have investigated the use of massage as a treatment option for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).14–19 These studies have evaluated the use of massage to prevent strength losses, reduce muscle soreness, and maintain joint range of motion (ROM). Few of these studies have shown positive effects16,19

A hierarchical dynamic deep muscle tissue model (DDMT) was developed to treat athletes with muscle tightness and associated soft tissue problems.20 This DDMT model consisted of a series of progressions from traditional to dynamic techniques which concentrated on one specific area of muscle tightness model is an efficient, pain free intervention that appears to have an immediate effect on improving hamstring flexibility.